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Z Words for Nigerian
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Continuous Meaning














 answer; reply; sweep


 Za m

 Answer me


 za afa

 bear a name; answer to one's name


 za azịza

 answer query



 give {moral} support; prop up


 za leta

 reply to letter


 za mmụọ

 be dedicated to a spirit by taking its name


 za oku

answer a call

 O jelụ ịza oku

He has gone to answer a call



swell {of animal body}


 Ọ bụlụ na ị jerọ gba ụkwụ na-esogbu gị ọgwụ ọ ga-aza

If you do not go for an injection, your bad leg will become swollen

 Ụkwụ m gbajili n'ụtụtụ azago

The leg that I fractured in the morning has swollen up



 afọ ọzịza


 za aza

swell; be swollen { Ụkwụ gị na-aza aza - Your leg is becoming swollen; Ọ gịnị kpatalụ ụkwụ gị ji za aza - Why is your leg swollen? }


become so swollen as to cover up spaces or orifices in an organ, e.g. eyes, ears, etc.
{Anya gị ịbụọ azachigo - Your two eyes have become so swollen as to cover up the eyeball completely}


swell and cover up something completely; sweep something over something (e.g. vomit) so as to cover it completely


swelling; bump


sweep into


filter; skim {off}; be reduced in weight; be lean, thin {as result of abnormal condition, e.g. worry, illness, etc..}

 Dolly Parton azago

Dolly Parton has lost weight {Dolly Parton, the country and westen singer of Jolen, coat of many colours, I will Always love you, here you come again, 9 to 5, etc...








 za aza



 A ga-aza ụnọ afụ aza

 The room shall be swept



 sweep out



 sweep something over something {e.g. vomit} so as to cover it completely



 sweep into



  filter; skim {off}



 filtering; be reduced in weight; be lean, thin {as result of abnormal condition, e.g. worry, illness, etc.}


 Dolly azago

 Dolly has lost weight




 zaa iro

to sweep compound {Ada zaaru ilo tata - Ada sweep the compound today}



  collapse; slip down; fall down {of wall, house, etc.}; sink {of raised path}; cave in


 ze eze

  see ze



 sink over; collapse over


 ze ume

 sigh; snort


 ze uzele



 ze ọdụ

 make a palm branch booth on a farm



  dodge; shrink from; beware of; avoid; prevent


 Ndị agha na-amụ etu e si eze mgbọ

 The soldiers learn how to dodge bullets



 dodging; shrinking from; avoiding



 take shelter, protect oneself


 ze eze

  see ze


 Ana m eze ya eze

  I try to avoid him


 ze izize

 loathe; abhor



  see ze


 ze{lụ} anwụ

 shelter from sun


 ze{lụ} mmili

 shelter from rain


 ze ṅdọ

 take shelter from sun


 ze ndụ

 be afraid of; avoid {from fear}; shun; beware of; fear for one's life


 Ọ na-eze ndụ

 He fears for his life


 ife ize

 thing to avoid; offensive thing


 ife ize ṅdọ



 ize, ṅze

 avoidance {of disaster, etc.}


 O nwelụ ?ṅze

 He has good luck {naturally or by use of charms}








 Ọ ga-agbaze

 It will melt



 melt by placing over the fire


 Ọ na-esize ụde

 He is melting the pomade over the fire



  teach; instruct; show


 zi azụ aka

 be insincere {show the back of the hand}


 zi ụzọ

 show the way


 Zi m ụzọ

  Show me the way



 teach; instruct


 onye nkụzi

 teacher; instructor



 be straight, right, upright:


 Ife ọ melụ zilị ezi

 His action is right


 zi ezi n'iwu

 be legal, lawful


 Ife ọ melụ ?zilị ezi n'iwu

 His action is legal


 zi n'anya

 convince; please {employer} with work



 repair; correct; rectify


 kwezi ụta

 re-string a bow



 rectify; correct



 repair; rectify; correct



  lower {e.g. load}






 descend; get down from vehicle; put down a load; lower bucket into well



 help put down load; put down load from the head


 zi ibu

 put down load from head



 put down load from the head





 Ọ na-eje izi ego

  He is going to borrow some money





 Biko zinye m ego ịtọ

 Please lend me thirty kobo.








 Jee zita ṅkata naabọ

 Go and borrow {and bring} two baskets


 nzili, nzita




  send; send on errand; assign work to; deliver message


 Zie m

 Send me



 send down


 Zidata ngọzị Gị

 Send down Thy blessings



 deliver wrong message; mislead {by message}


 Ọ gịnị kpatalụ ị ji zifie ozi m zili gị?

 Why did you deliver a message different from what I sent you with?






 send up {towards the speaker}



 send home


 Aga m ezina gị echi

 I shall send you home tomorrow



 send home; dismiss


 Zinaba anyị n'ụdo

 Send us home in peace or Dismiss us in peace


 zi ozi

 send, deliver message; send on errand; assign work to


 Ị chọl?ụ izi m ozi?

 Do you want to send me on an errand? or, Do you want to give me some work to do?


 Ezili m nya ozi

 I have sent her on an errand



 send forth; send out; send; despatch


 Ezipụgo m nwa ọdibọ ?m ka o je kpọọlụ m Agnes

 I have sent out my servant to call me Agnes


 Ị zipụgo akwụkwọ Ị?

 Have you despatched your letter?


 zipụ leta

 post, send out letter



 disseminate; broadcast; spread


 Achọlụ m ka ụnụ na ọnwe ụnụ jee zisaa ozi banyelụ ịfe anyị fụlụ n'ụtụtụ a

 I want you yourselves to go and spread the news about what we saw this morning



 send {towards the speaker}


 Zite mmadụ naabọ

 Send two persons.


 O zitelụ m ozi

 He sent me a message.



 blow the nose; snort


 zi imi

 blow the nose; expel mucus from the nose

 zi zọ


 mimic; mock {= ji je}



  after{wards}; now {after something else}; with any more


 Bia bazịa!

 You can come now!


 Emesịzịa anyị ga-afụ

 We shall see afterwards


 Ife ṅkaa ọ dizị mma?

 But is this thing good {as it is now}?


 Ka ọ dịzịa nọọfụ

 That is enough now


 Kedụ zị?



 Ọ gịni zị?

 And why? Why? or, What is it now?


 Ọ mesizịa lụ ?bịa be m

 He came to my house afterwards


 Ụnụ ?gụsizịa egwu ụnụ ejee lie nni ụnụ

 After you have finished singing you should go and have your meal


 Nwata a adị ejezi akwụkwọ

 This boy is not going to school any more


 Ị gwarọzị m

 You never told me after all





 Ọ dịazị mma

 She is also beautiful


 E ji mma ebe ịfe, e jiazị ya egwu anị

  A knife is used for cutting things, it is also used for digging


 Ndị ọma dị n'Obọdọ Oyịbo, ndi ọjọọ dịazị ebe afụ

 There are good people in the United Kingdom, but bad people are also there





 Ana m eje izo mma m

  I am going to hide my knife






 hide from; be hidden {from}


 Ana m eje izobe mma m

 I am going to hide my knife


 zo ezo

 hide; be hidden, in hiding


 O zọlụ ?ezo

 He has hidden, or, He is in hiding


 Ị na-ezo ezo?

 Are you hiding?


 zobe ezobe

 be hidden {from}; hide from


 Kpakpaṅdọ afụ zọbelụ ezobe

 The star is hidden



 become lost or disappear by hiding; lose by hiding; be lost by hiding; become forever hidden; hide away



 hiding away


 Aga m ezofụ onwe m n'Obọdọ Oyibo

 I shall hide myself away in the United Kingdom (UK) {or Europe or United States of America (USA)}


 Ezofụgo m mma m

 I have lost my knife by hiding it; I have hidden my knife away


 zofụ ezofụ

 hide away



 hide about


 Ada na-ezoghalị n'ime ọgige

 Ada is hiding about in the yard



 hide from; be hidden from


 Ọ ga-ezonarị gị

 He {it} will hide, be hidden from you



 hid away


 Ọji ezopụgo onwe ya

 Ọjị has hidden himself away


 da ṅzuzo

 hide oneself


 me nzofụ

 hide away; become perpetually hidden


 ṅzuzo, ṅzuzo

 hiding; secret


 ife ṅzuzo

 secret thing








 Zọchie elili

 Knot the rope



 point; point at


 zo aka

 point at; point with the hand




 mmili zoolu

it rain {Mmili zooru tata - It rain today}



save; rescue {Zoputa anyi Chukwu - Save us God}








 Mmili ga-ezọ

 It will rain


 mmili ọzụzọ




  heal; save; defend; claim; side with; contest


 ọz ụzọ

 claiming; claim



  withhold; keep back; be selfish; protect


 zọ eze

 contest for chieftaincy title


 zọ ndụ

 save life


 zọ ọkwa

 contest for a post


 zọ ọnọdụ

 contest for a seat, position, post



 deliver; save; heal


 Onye nzọpụta




 obtain by struggling, contesting, or laying strong claims to



 transplant; plant {cutting only}


 zọ ose

 transplant pepper


 zọ osisi

 transplant tree, plant tree cuttings



 forget {restricted to verbs meaning "think"}








 O lzọgo afa ya

 She has forgotten his name



  tread; step



 treading; stepping


 zọ aja

 tread mud for building


 zọfie ụkwụ

 miss a step; step into a wrong place or spot



 tread to death



 break, snap by stepping on



 tread upon



 step in; presume; insinuate



 tread in any sort of filth; tread till it becomes soft and messy


 zọ ụkwụ




 come {esp. occasionally and unexpectedly}



 bet; offer, lay, wager


 zọ iwu

  see zọ


 zọ n'ibe

 stand surety for; bail


 zọ ṅzọ

 lay, offer, wager; make a bet





 zu ego

 steal money


 zu ori




 obtain by stealing



buy {Zuo tara m azu - buy me fish}



 meet; encounter



 meet; assemble; collide



 meeting; council


 kpọ nzụkọ

 call meeting



 meet, assemble, together


 zụte, zụta

 meet, welcome visitor by deliberately going out to meet him on the way or at a place, e.g. motor park



  be complete, correct; suffice; fulfil


 zụ ezụ

 be complete, sufficient, correct


 O zụlụ ezụ

 It is correct


 zụ ọke

 be correct; suffice; be complete, perfect, sufficient


 zụ ọnụ

 be complete; be enough to go round



  as to relax; resting


 zụ ike




 rest; leave


 zụ ike ọlụ

 rest from work


 zụlụ ike

 take {long} rest; retire


 Onye nwụlụ ọ zụlụ ike

 If anyone dies he goes to his rest or, He who dies goes to his rest


 Jee zụlụ ike!

 Go and rest! {sometimes figuratively, when addressing a troublesome person}



 determine; purpose; plan; deliberate



 determine; purpose; plan


 zụ izụ

 hold a meeting, council









 alter a plan; abandon a purpose



 alteration of plan; caprice



 meeting, council; whisper


 zuzọ ezuzọ




  be foolish, stupid



 foolishness; stupidity; folly


 onye nzuzụ

 stupid, foolish person


 zuzụ ezuzụ

 act foolishly, stupidly


 me nzuzụ

 be foolish, stupid; act stupidly, foolishly



  buy; purchase



 buying; purchasing


 zụ afịa

 trade; hold market; buy and sell in market



 buy all



 cheat in marketing or in bargaining for commodity



 buy and give or present to another:


 Zụnye m akpa

 Buy me a bag



 buy {and bring}



 play game involving board, cards, etc.


 zụ akụ

  play the game akụ or ọkwe {Yoruba ayọ}; play board or card games in general


 zụ ọkwe

 play ọkwe; play board or card games in general



 feed; nurse; nourish; train; train up; tend



 nursing; nourishing; training; tending


 ọzụzụ nkụzi

 teacher training


 Ada nọ ọzụzụ nkụzi

 Ada is doing teacher training


 Ọ bụ m na-azụ Ikechukwu

 I am the one who is training Ikechukwu



 continue to feed, nurse, train, train up, tend; be in the habit of feeding, nursing, etc.


 Anyi chọlụ ka ị zụba Chukwudi

 We want you to be training {or to begin to train} Chukwudi



 spoil; train badly


 zụ mọọ {mụọ)

 look after deities



 rear; bring up; educate; train up:


 Ndụ azụnitago Ugọnnwa Ndụ

 has trained Ugonnwa up



 train by putting through


 Anyị azụpụtago Chukwudi na nnukwu ụnọ akwụkwọ a na-akpọ

 University We have trained Chukwudi by putting him through the University



 finish training, tending



 train up badly; spoil



 train, rear up

 zụ na




 Imilikiti ife nwoke afụ zụtalu n'Aba n'ọnwa galụ aga azụnago n'ime ọkụ

 Many of the goods bought by the man at Aba last month have perished in the fire

 zụ zụ


 massage; caress; stroke


 zụzụ aka

 stroke with hand







Igbo Dotted Vowel Codes

Vowel ALT Code
  Ị ALT+7882  or   Ị
Capital I dot
  ị ALT+7883  or   ị
Lower I Dot
  Ọ ALT+7884  or   Ọ
Caiptal O Dot
  ọ ALT+7885 or   ọ
Lower O Dot
  Ụ ALT+7908  or   Ụ
Capital U Dot
  ụ ALT+7909  or   ụ
Lower U Dot
  Ṅ ALT+7748  or   Ṅ
Upper N Dot
  ṅ ALT+7749  or   ṅ
Lower N Dot

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