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T Words for Nigerian
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A. B. CH. D. E. F.
G. GB. GH. GW. H. I.
Ị. J. K. KP. KW. L.
M. N. NW. NY. Ṅ. O.
Ọ. P. R. S. SH. T.
U. Ụ. V. W. Y. Z.






Continuous Meaning














chew; bite


chewing; biting

 ta afifia

eat grass (as of cow)

 ta afufu

suffer; {I ga ata afufu na ajo omume gi - You will suffer because of you your bad behaviour}

ta alu


bite; {Aga m ata gi alu na o bulu na I rapuro m - I will bite you if you don't leave me alone}

 ta amoosu

be a witch; practise witchcraft

 ta aru

lost weight; get thin;

 ta ata

munch; chew; bite; (of female name)


bite off; {Nkita atabe go mkpisi aka - Dog has bitten off small finger}

 tabe anya

blink; wink; (of an eye)

 ntabe anya

blinking of an eyes; twinkling of an eye; { Mee ife afu na ofu ntabe anya - Do that thing in blink of an eye}




bite off all

 tachapu eze


 tachaputa eze

laugh; smile


be firm, obstinate

 tachi obi

take it; bear it; bear up; endure it

 ntachi obi

endurance; (show you're a man)


be firm; stick

 aka ntadide

stinginess {aka cum - don't like spending money}


make firm, tight; fasten together; bite fast; fasten to


biting and holding onto; sticking very fast; steadfastness

 me ntado

be tight (as of under sized cloth, etc) {Akwa a melu m ntado - This cloth is too tight for me}

ta, ubochi ta



tasi; eess





a telephone



tea (drink)

tivi; onyonyo















tuwari ego


change money




tie nkpu


shout; loud cry; call for help





































Igbo Dotted Vowel Codes

Vowel ALT Code
  Ị ALT+7882  or   Ị
Capital I dot
  ị ALT+7883  or   ị
Lower I Dot
  Ọ ALT+7884  or   Ọ
Caiptal O Dot
  ọ ALT+7885 or   ọ
Lower O Dot
  Ụ ALT+7908  or   Ụ
Capital U Dot
  ụ ALT+7909  or   ụ
Lower U Dot
  Ṅ ALT+7748  or   Ṅ
Upper N Dot
  ṅ ALT+7749  or   ṅ
Lower N Dot

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