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GW Words for Nigerian
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A. B. CH. D. E. F.
G. GB. GH. GW. H. I.
J. K. KP. KW. L.
M. N. NW. NY. Ṅ. O.
Ọ. P. R. S. SH. T.
U. Ụ. V. W. Y. Z.






Continuous Meaning
















 Gwa m ife melụ ị bịarọ ụnyaafụ

 Tell me why you did not come yesterday


 ọ chọ igwa m ịfe

 He wants to tell me something






 slander {a person} to death; curse bitterly



 tell again





 gwa okwu




 hint to a person








 gwa agwa



 gwa garị

 mix gari


 gwa mmanya

 mix wine with water or other wine



 mix properly



  revenge; avenge


 gwa ọchụ

 pull apart



 revenge, avenge a beating



 revenge; avenge {do back}


 Aga m emegwa ya ịfe ọ melụ m

 I will take vengeance for what he did to me



 revenge; avenge beating {beat back}


 Ọ bụlụ na o tie gị ịfe, tigwalụ ya

 If he beats you, beat him back



  pound, grind {usu. dry objects}






 pound well


 gwe ọka

 pound corn



 pound all



 grinder; apparatus, machine for grinding



  weak flabbiness


 tụ gwegelegwegele

 move in a weak, flabby way



  into pieces {something harder than - li}


 gbugwo cut open {pot, etc.}, till {something hard}




 break into pieces {e.g. iron pot}



  mix; cure





 gwọ nsị

 work sickness or death by means of magic or poison


 gwọ ọgụ, ọgwụ

 make poison or medicine


 gwọ ọya

 cure disease


 gwọ ụla

 keep oneself awake by using kolanuts, drugs, etc.


 dibịa ọkpụlụ ọgwọọ!

 praise name for a native doctor {doctor who cures as soon as he sips}. Native doctors sometimes sip or chew certain medicines in the mouth, then spit it on any part of the patient's body, or in the air, following this sometimes by incantations


 ọgwọ ṅnụ ọya

 panacea; medicine capable of curing all diseases {"curer of 400 diseases"}


 gwọ ụla




  sit with the lower limbs twisted and drawn up, as a lame person or as Moslems during prayer; sit with the lower limbs drawn up {usually on the floor}



 be seated on flat surface {e.g. floor} and unable to stand


 gwọ ṅgwụlọ



 ṅgwọlụ ṅgwọlụ, ṅgwọlụ gwọ

 {slang} food prepared by mashing together different kinds of food


 akpụ a gwọlụ agwọ

  shredded cassava mashed with ụkwa or okwe


 gwọ agwọ

  be flexible, pliant


 Osisi a gwọlụ agwo

 This tree is flexible


 gwọ ile

 speak in metaphor or slang unintelligible to an outsider



  scrape, scoop out {ghụ}



 scraping; scooping out


 gwọ ofe

 take all the meat, etc., of soup at expense of others

 gwu, gu








 dig in the wrong direction



 dig deep inside


 gwu ọba

 make a barn of yams



 dig up



 dig around


 Ọ na-egwurube anị n'ukwụ osisi

 He is digging holes around the tree



 dig up


 gute ji

 harvest yams


 gwụ uny

 dig, mine coal









 swim across


 gwụ mmili






 gwụ egwu



 gwụli egwu

 play about



 play; fun


 gwụso egwu

 play with someone

 gwụ, gụ





 ending {ngwụsị}



 finish; end



 finish, leaving a little quantity


 Ọ gọfọgo

 It is just about to run out


 gwụ ike

 tire; be weary; be tired; have one's energy sapped


 Ife a agwụgo m ike

 I am tired of this thing, or, This thing has tired me






 ending {ọgwụgwụ}


 Ọ ga-abịa ebe a na ngwụsị arọ

 She will come here towards the ending of the year


 agwụ agwụ



 ike ọgwụgwụ





Igbo Dotted Vowel Codes

Vowel ALT Code
  Ị ALT+7882  or   Ị
Capital I dot
  ị ALT+7883  or   ị
Lower I Dot
  Ọ ALT+7884  or   Ọ
Caiptal O Dot
  ọ ALT+7885 or   ọ
Lower O Dot
  Ụ ALT+7908  or   Ụ
Capital U Dot
  ụ ALT+7909  or   ụ
Lower U Dot
  Ṅ ALT+7748  or   Ṅ
Upper N Dot
  ṅ ALT+7749  or   ṅ
Lower N Dot

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