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Continuous Meaning














  they; them; their


 fa na isi fa

 they themselves


 fa ṅcha, fa niine

 all of them


 fa nwa

 they, them {emphatic}


 ṅke fa

 their; theirs



  stuff; crowed; squeeze {fa}


 faba {or faba}

 squeeze into



  stuff, squeeze into {e.g. crowded room}



 stuff from one position to another



 stuff in between {two objects}






  stuff; crowd; squeeze {fa}



 stuff, crowd, squeeze in


 fanye aka n'ụkwụ

 fold hands; clasp hands between knees; sit with one's hands in one's lap; sit idle



  ease, by removing some part



  remove with difficulty from a crowded place; squeeze out



  Roman Catholic priest, father {Father}


 ndị Fada

 Catholic fathers; Catholics


 Ụka Fada

 Roman Catholic Church






 flight {of birds, flies, aeroplanes}



 fly in



 fly over into



 fly down



 fly down {towards}



 fly across



 flying across



 fly across



 fly away out of sight



 fly over to



 fly upwards



 fly about



 fly to



 fly home



 fly up



 flying up; flight



 fly up; spring up quickly



 fly into



  fly off; hurry off



 fly in all directions


 fe ụfe




 lightness; ease





 anụ ufe

 flying creature; bird; bat


 ụgbọ na-efe efe

 aeroplane; blow {of wind}; fan; flutter; wave; flap


 Ufele na-efe efe

 The wind is blowing


 Ibe akwa na-efe n'ikụkụ

 The cloth is fluttering in the breeze


 fe aka

 wave hand


 O feelụ m aka

 He waved to me


 fe azịlịza

 fan {oneself or another}



 flap {wing, to dry it}


 fe ọkụ

 fan fire



  blow away {of wind


 fe ụkwụ

 dangle leg{s}


 akwa ụfụfe




  sprinkle; cast; throw {many objects}



 sprinkling; casting; throwing



 throw down


 fe mmili

 drive away rain; sprinkle water


 fe mkpụlu

  scatter seeds


 fe ṅza

 cast lots


 E felụ ṅza, ṅza wee ma Okechukwu

 They cast lots; the lot fell on Okechukwu



 sprinkle all over; splash



 sprinkle completely


 fe ọlụ

 superintend work {shortened from nefe look over}



  worship; serve



 service; worship; adoration


 ofụfe nrụ

 church service; religious worship


 fe alusị

 serve a divinity


 fe anị

  prepare land for planting by propitiating the spirits concerned


 fega ọfịa

 prepare forest for planting by propitiating the spirits concerned


 fe ṅrụ

 pay homage, esp. present gifts in traditional style to ọkpala



  cross over; pass


 O felụ mmili

 He crossed the river


 O felụ m n'ụzọ

 He passed me on the way



 crossing; passing


 O fego

 He has passed


 Oge efego

 The time has long passed


 fe efe

 be contagious or infectious


 fe ofe

 be excessive {less common than - ri nne}


 fe ogwe

 cross a bridge


 fe oke

 surpass; pass the bounds



 cross over {someone else's area}


 Ifetaba oke adịrọ mma

 Exceeding the limit is not good



 begin to cross over



  dry up, wither, become emaciated {of plants or people}



  wipe by pressing


 fi aka n'anya

 be wary; be careful



 wipe {smaller amount than - kwọcha}



 wipe off


 Fichapụ etụm dị n'arụ akwa afụ

 brush off the dust on that cloth



 wipe thoroughly



 press, rub hard so as to break into pieces; crush with hand or foot





 fi akwụkwa

 make a cooking-pot stand








 fili isi

 rest the head


 ofili isi




  bind; tie; gird





 fie agbụ

 bind; cord



 make fast with a cloth or belt


 O fiedo ṅnwa n'ukwụ

 she tied a child on her back


 fiedosi ike



 fiegbu {figbu}




 tie together



 gird, tie around


 ife mfiedo

 girdle; belt





 fieta ngọ

  receive back bride-price from wife's relations


 fie ụgwọ

  demand payment of a debt



  miss {most often used as second element in compound verb}


 Ife afịa nne ayị gotalụ fielụ m

  The goodies which mother bought missed me



  dry up; wither


 fị afị

 be withered, shrivelled



 dry together



 dry together


 fịkpọ, fịkpa

 dry up; wither and break



 wither; shrivel up



  twist; wring; braid











 fị ụdọ

  braid rope



  in a twisted state; entangled {fị - twist}



  be entangled {also - tụsị}



  be difficult


 mfịa arụ

 adversity; distress; hardship; want; poverty






  rub, scrub, off



 scratch, pick off

 fịọ, shọ


  make a noise {by large number of people}; make tumultuous noise!; full of tumult or riotousness; marked by disturbance and uproar: a tumultuous celebration. Raising a great clatter and commotion;


 fịọ ụzụ

  make quarrelsome noise; quarrel noisily; make tumultuous noise = tụ ụzụ

 fịọfịọ, shọọshọọ


  pigeon pea {Cajanus cajan}



  break {of day}


 ofifo, ofufo

 breaking {of day}


 Chi efogo

 Day has dawned


 fo chi

 last till dawn; last till the following morning


 ofufo chi




 become fully light {of day}:


 Chi efosago

 Daylight has come fully



 be bright {of daylight}


 Chi efosasịgo

 The daylight is bright and strong


 chi ofifo, ofufo

 period of daybreak as light grows stronger; be open, clear



 clear {a space}



  clear away


 fo iru

 be open, clear, spacious


 arụ ofufo

 freedom from care; security; case








 fo afa

 mention; mention name


 fota afa

 make mention; mention



  remain; be left over {gbọ}


 Ọ fo mmadụ one?

 How many people are left?



 be left; remain over



 remain in different places


 fọ sọ ọkpụkpụ

 be very emaciated



 put {in or out}; take out from; put, squeeze, insert into {bag, pocket, etc.}



 put, squeeze into pocket, bag, etc


 Ọ na-afọnye ji n'ime akpa

 He is putting yams into the bag



 take out from pocket, bag, etc.


 Ọ manyelụ aka n'akpa fọpụta ọjị naabọ

 He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out two kolanuts






  lose; get lost


 Akwụkwọ m efụgo

 My book is lost


 ofụfụ, mfụ



 fụ efụ

 lose; go astray; be lost



 wander about



 be lost in such a way that the probability of being recovered is very low


 Ego afụ efuminago

 The money has been totally lost



 wander from; be lost from


 Akwụkwọ m efụnarịgo m

 I have lost my book {My book is lost from me}



 be lost


 fụ ụzọ

  lose one's way


 Efụlụ m ụzo

  I lost my way

 fu fe




 fufe isi

 shake the head

 fụ, fụ


  {has tone opposite to that of the preceding syllable} just; just now; right; very


 Ebee ka i bifụ?

  Where do you live now?


 fụ ṅdụụ, fụ kịtaa

 just now, immediately


 Biko, achọlụ m ka ị bịa fụ ṅdụụ

 Please, I want you to come just now



  see; find


 ọf ụfụ




 see all; see clearly



 be curious, inquisitive



 curiosity; inquisitiveness



 see to the end


 fụ inyege

 see faintly



 be evil-disposed to; dislike



 see together



 discover a fault



 spy on



 see to the bottom


 fụ n'anya

 love; like


 Fa fụlụ onwe fa n'anya

 They love each other.


 Afụl?ụ ?m gi n'anya

 I love you



 love; fondness


 Ọ bụlụ na ịfụnaanya adịrọ n'etiti ụnụ, ụnụ ama aga n'iru

 If love does not exist among you, you cannot progress



 see more {than another person}


 fụ ọfụ

  see vision






 see afar off


 fụ ụzọ

 see clearly; be transparent



 see clearly



 see all


 ofụfụ anya ụzọ






 fụ afụfụ

 suffer {ta afụfụ}


 fụju anya

  toil, suffer greatly; be horrified, as by an abomination


 Ndị mmadụ afụjugo anya n'ife na-eme kịtaa

  People are horrified by what is happening now


 fụsi anya

 suffer greatly; see too many tribulations


 fụ ụfụ



 Ụkwụ na-afụ m ụfụ

 My leg is hurting me





 fụ ji

 peel yam {usu. cooked}



  blow; puff; swell



 winnow thoroughly


 fụ eko

 blow bellows



 blow until {it} bursts


 fụnye ume




 blow out a light



 light fire; kindle by blowing; raise light


 fụnwu ọkụ

 light a fire by blowing


 fụ ọkụ

 blow fire



 puff, burst {as bag}

 fụ kọ


  crumple; rumple







Igbo Dotted Vowel Codes

Vowel ALT Code
  Ị ALT+7882  or   Ị
Capital I dot
  ị ALT+7883  or   ị
Lower I Dot
  Ọ ALT+7884  or   Ọ
Caiptal O Dot
  ọ ALT+7885 or   ọ
Lower O Dot
  Ụ ALT+7908  or   Ụ
Capital U Dot
  ụ ALT+7909  or   ụ
Lower U Dot
  Ṅ ALT+7748  or   Ṅ
Upper N Dot
  ṅ ALT+7749  or   ṅ
Lower N Dot

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