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Continuous Meaning












 e, a


  {dependent, indefinite; harmonizes} one; ‘they' {indefinite}; often translated by English passive


 A na-esi nnị

 Food is being cooked


 E ji ya aka

 He has been arrested

 e, a


  {harmonizes} verb prefix marking negative


 Igbo enwe eze

 The Igbo have no kings

 e; a; ...m


  {dependent, 1st person singular; harmonizes} I


 Ana m eje

 I am going


 Elili m ife

 I ate food

 e, a


  {harmonizes; tone high before low tone root} verb prefix marking sequential mood


 Chi efoo

 Day breaks:


 Chi abọọ

 Day breaks



  see a; e; o; ọ



where; Oracle; flying; place

 ebe bos steshon?

where the bus station?

 ebe hotel

the hotel

 ebe ka ugbo igwe na kushi?

where the train station?

 ebe ndi mbiambia

the consulate

 ebe nlenle kwanu?

sites to see?



  place; where; while; since; whereas


 Aga m eje ebe ọ nọ

 I will go where he is


 Emena mkpọtụ ebe m na-agụ akwụkwọ

 Don't make a noise while I'm reading


 Ka anyị chelu ya n'ụzọ a ebe ọ bụ na ọ ga-esi ụzọ a gafe

 Let us wait for him here, since he will pass by this road


 ebe a

 this place


 n'ebe a



 ebe afụ

  that place


 n'ebe afụ



 ebe a na-amụ nnwa

 maternity home


 ebe a na-eni ozu

 burial ground


 ebe a na-esi nnị



 ebe dị {n'}iche {n'}iche

 different, various places


 ebe ịta nni



 ebe mgbaba



 ebe niịne



 ebe ṅzuzo

 secret place; retired spot


 ebe obibi

 habitation; dwelling place


 ebe ọbụna

 any place



  yam beetle



  where {to}?


 ebee ka ị jekọ?

 Where are you going?


 ebee ka ọ dị?

 Where is it?:


 ebee ka ọ nọ?

 Where is she?


 ebee zi?

 Where then? where else?



  mercy; pity



 male name {mercy of God}


 dị ebele

 be kind-hearted


 me ebele

 have pity on; be sorry for; have mercy on


 Meelụ anyị ebele

 Have mercy on us


 nwe obị ebele

 be kind-hearted


 obị ebele

 kindness; mercy


 onye ebele

 the merciful {person}


 onye kasị ebele

 the most merciful


 Chineke Onye kasị ebele

 Most merciful God

ebem gi hi





  extraordinary happening; disaster


 {ebenebe} –gbu

 happen {of disaster, scandal, something serious}


 Ebenebę gbụlụ

 It was a disaster















  lungfish {also known as salamanderfish are freshwater fish belonging to the subclass Dipnoi}; mudfish {Protopterus annectens} {= ekwum}





 ebi nta

 Brush-tailed Porcupine {Atherurus Africanus Gray}


 ebi ogwu

 Crested Porcupine {Hystrix Cristata Senegal}



  storm on water; wave


 tụ ebili

 be agitated; swell {as river or sea in gale}



mound; when one is accused of



  the smallest kinship-cum-residential unit, a subdivision of


 ụmụ nna

  Kinsman {A kinsman is a male relative or plural Kinsmen}; kinship; {patrilineage}; sublineage


 Ebo unụ bụ gịnị?

 What is your special sublineage?; {= ogbe} "village"; a constituent part of a "quarter" which is itself part of a "town" {ọbọdọ}, containing a number of patrileages {ụmụ nna}


 Ọnịcha Ebo Itenaanị

 the Nine Villages of Onitsha



  male name {short for Ebozinam, stop accusing me}



  mildew; mould


 ma ebụ

 grow mould


 Ụtala e lofụlụ n'ime akpati nnị amago ebụ

 The pounded fufu forgotten in the food-box has gone mouldy



hornet; getting fat



  wasp; hornet


 akpa ebu

 wasps' nest



  marvel; wonder; majesty


 ife ebụbe

 a wonder


 kobe ebụbe

 honour {hang honour on}


 me ebụbe

 beautify; decorate

 ebụbe agụ


 African Bowstring Hemp or Leopard Lily {Sansevieria Liberica }, seen in Agwụ shrines and used as a charm against thieves or a medicine for pregnant women

 ebụbo, ebụbọ, ebụbo


  accusation; charge {bo accuse}


 bo ebụbo

 levy accusation; accuse


 E bọlụ ya ebụbo orị

 He has been accused of stealing


 Ebụbo ka onya mma

 A false accusation is worse than a matchet wound





 ebụnu Idemịli

 the ram of the Idemili god {This ram lives mainly in the Idemili god's shrine and its surroundings. Also roams about the village from compound to compound. The ram must not be beaten or killed by anybody, as it is believed that anyone who does this will automatically be visited and killed by the god.}





 Echị dị ịme, Onwerọ onye ma ife ọ ga-amụ

 Tomorrow is pregnant, no one knows what it will bring forth


 echi niịne

 tomorrow {emphatic}


 echi ya

 the next day; the following day


 Ebele gbalụ akwụkwọ ụbọsị Krisimaasị, ọ lue echị ya ọ sie nnukwu olili

  Ebele wedded on Christmas Day; the following day he gave a great feast


 nwanne echị

 day after tomorrow


 ụtụtụ echị

 tomorrow morning



  old type of money in form of bent wires





 che echiche

 think; ponder; meditate



  title; titled man {general; mmụọ, ọzo}



become bad; collecting (water)



  cocoyam; writing


 ede ana

 plant with spotted leaves and corn, the juice of which can be used to mark the body {Cynastrum cordifolium}


 ede ekọ

 cocoyam cooked like yam {Colocasia esculenta Schott}


 ede mmụọ

 Ground Arum, plants whose leaves resemble the cocoyam {Stylochiton hypogaens and lancifolius Kotschy and Peyr}


 ede ụmaka; {ede}

 cocoyam which requires boiling overnight, probably the oldest type {Xanthosoma mafaffa Schott.}


 mkpa ede

 room where cocoyams are stored






  African civet {Viverra civetta}, Genet {Genetta}, Two spotted Palm Civet {Nandinia binotata}


 ọsi edị

 genitals of edi, which smells and is used for medicines



Yellow; raining

edo; ogulu





  tree whose trunk is used for canoes and whose roots and bark are used as medicine {Terminalia glaucescens Planch. Possibly Distemonanthus benthamianus Baill.}



  yellow vegetable dye; yellow {of colour}


 cha edo edọ

 be yellow


 Afe m na-acha edo edọ

 My shirt is yellow


 dị edo edọ

 be yellow


 ọna edọ



 ọna ọcha na ọna edọ

 silver and gold {fine luxuries}






guiding (O na edu - he is guiding; i na edu -you are guiding)



  wild grass {Udi}


 edụ agụ

 open grassland



 answer to a call

 ee'e {ee?e}, e'e



 ee e, eee





trimming a tree by cutting; thinking , meditating



  yes! certainly!

 eeyi; eeyị!





flying; dress; spare time



  chance; opportunity; leisure


 Enwerọ m efe ịbịa ebe a

 I didn't have a chance to come here


 arụ efe

 unoccupied; at leisure


 dị efe

 be vacant


 fụ efe

 find time, chance, opportunity


 nwe efe

 have a chance, an opportunity


 nye efe

 give chance, opportunity



  see afe


 kwụ efe

 swing to and fro; be neutral







 efi afo; ehi afo;

cow's intestine {meat}


 efi alusị

 sacred cow {efi Igbọ type} owned by village; cannot be killed; if it dies, it is given burial like a human


 efi awụsa

 zebu cattle


 efi Igbo

 dwarf cattle


 efi ọfịa

 bushcow; buffalo {Syncerus caffer bedingtoni}


 ala efị

 cow's milk


 anụ efị



 ozu efị

 carcase of cattle



  kind of fish



  afternoon; midday; middle of the day; heat of the day

 efifie nabo



 efifie naabọ



 azị efifie



 gba {azị} efifie take lunch



 kwa efifie, kwa efifie

 every midday


 mgbe efifie

 during the afternoon



Dawning; Chi elo - The day is dawning



baseless; getting lost



  emptiness; vanity


 Ọ melụ ya n'efụ

 He did it in vain


 efụlefụ, efụleefụ

 empty; vain; useless {of a person}



  African nutmeg {Monodora myristica Dunal}

 egedege, egenege




 egedege iru







Money; cash; a girl's common name

 ego igwe

coins {sometimes refer to foreign currencies such as pounds, dollors, euros etc...}

 ego ole ka ihe a bu?

how much is this?

 ego ole ka tiketi nke na ga?

how much is a ticket to?


 ego akwụkwọ

 currency note; paper money


 ego ayọlọ, ayọ



 ego edwọd

 money used during the reign of King Edward


 ego e nyelụ ya



 ego kịlịkịlị



 ego mgbụdamgbụ

 type of money made by blacksmiths


 ego naabọ

 twelve cowries {= ekpete naabọ}


 ego naatọ

 eighteen cowries


 ego nwunye



 akpa ego

  purse; a hundred pounds


 anya mkpul?ụ ego

 eye with pupil whitened by disease


 chọ ego

 seek for money by hook or by crook


 isi ego

 unit of six cowries {= ekpete}; capital


 kpata ego

 acquire money


 mkpụlụ ego

 a cowrie, coin, shilling


 oke ego

 fantastic riches


 zu ego

 steal money


 zụ ego

 build up, increase one's capital

 egụlọ, egụle


  weaver bird {ashaa}



  hawk; kite; rogue {slang}





 egbe adaka

 type of locally made gun


 egbe igwe



 egbe ndụ



 gba egbe

 fire gun


 ndị jị egbe eje orị

 armed robbers


 ntụ egbe



 ọnụ egbe

 opening of a gun barrel


 pị egbe

 carve wooden part of gun


 sụ egbe

 load gun


 utụ egbe

 trigger {penis of the gun}



  boundary mark


 Onye ropụ egbe ọ je ṅga

 Anyone who uproots a boundary mark will go to prison

 egbenu, egbene







 egbenu ọba



 Ndi {ọtu} egbenu ọba

 society of warriors. They are not necessarily warriors who go to battle. But their society is a warrior-like one. Members dress like warriors with helmetlike hats stuck full of long feathers, with cutlasses in their hands. They are usually invited to grand traditional ceremonies, funerals of great men and of course to funerals of their dead members. They greet each other by knocking the blades of each other's swords together



  fish {= igbenụ}



  boundary around compound or village; more especially the entrance, shaped like goalposts, of bamboo palm leaves or ọgilisi, which bears protective medicines



  tree; bark used medicinally for cure of different kinds of ịba or akọm


 egbugbele ọnu




  tattoo; mark


 gbu egbugbu

 tattoo; mark



a kind of edible caterpillar



  wall of beaten earth



  drum; dance; play; entertainment


 egwu alusị

 sacred dances


 egwu card

  card trickster; An Igbo music tracks of Artist Leonard Okpala alias "Peace Maker" Iwere nkea iri mụ ego and Uwam ya diba.{ Album Long Time No see has tracks: Long Time No See, Peace Maker Jelu Mmụọ, oyoyo Nwa[Ego N'ejeije Special]


 egwu ọta

 ritual drum


 egwu ụdụ

 music in which ụdụ features prominently


 gba egwu



 ọgba egwu



 gwụ egwu



 gwuli egwu

 play about


 gwụsọ egwu

 play with someone


 nnwa egwu



 ọtụ egwu

 dancing club


 ọgụ egwu

 singer; minstrel


 te egwu

 dance in a peculiar way


 gwọ egwu

 dance very well in type of dance in which back muscles come into play



  fear; fearful, terrible or fierce-looking thing; dangerous thing


 abanị dị egwụ



 atụ egwụ

 courage; bravery; boldness


 dị egwụ

 be dangerous, dreadful


 tụ egwụ

 fear; respect; be afraid of


 yi egwụ


egwu igbo


Igbo music



  the most elderly and most venerated form of the incarnate dead, of Igala origin {Igala egwụgwụ, = mmụọ ogonogo}



  water-melon seeds {Yoruba egụsi}


 ofe egwusi

 melon, egusi soup



underbelly; (ehee/ehepu - removing excrement)



Cow in the autochthon dialect

ehihie oma


greeting: good afternoon


ehihie oma

reply: good afternoon



bending down



bowing in reverence



Deer; God - EI




Mike Ejeagha;
mike ejeagha music;
gentleman mike ejeagha

  Gentleman Michael Ejeagha and his Premier Music Dance Band.

Legends of Nigerian Igbo Music Chief Mike Ejeagha's music can be said to epitomize the soul of Ndi Igbo - the Igbo people of South Eastern Nigeria, it is Mike Ejeagha; born on August 1932 in Imezi Owa, Eziagu LGA in Enugu State.
                   gentleman chief mike ejeagha
Ejeagha is very much in the "deep" Igbo folktales, folklore, folk songs & folk stories of Igbo cultural traditions of native Enugu area. Chief Mike Ejeagha's lyrics are full of the parables and shaded meanings that are the essence of Igbo culture. His arrangement and guitar work, in addition, are sublime best songs. Ejeagha songs playlist online includes:-
Agbata Obi Onye Bu Nwanne Ya
Agolum Age
Akuko Na Egwu
Akuko Na Egwu Vol4
Akuko N'egwu Original Vol.1
Akuko N'egwu Original Vol.2
Akwa Achaa
Ani fulu Ozu enu
Atualu Omalu
Ebinu New Ude
Elulube Lube
Gentleman Mike Ejeagha
Gentleman Mike Ejeagha EP 1
Gentleman Mike Ejeagha EP 2
High Life Kings Vol 1
High Life Kings Vol.4
Highlife Kings Rolling Back The Years Series 1
Ife Nji M' Ogi
Ife Uwa Bu Ana Eme Odi Ka Ada Eme
Igwe Okada, Part. 1
Igwe Okada, Part. 3
Igwe Okada, Part. 4
Ikpechakwa a Kam Kpe e
Ikpechakwa A-Akem Kpe.E
Ka Esi Le Onye Isi Oche
Lagos All Routes
Living The Highlife EP 2
Living The Highlife EP 5
Living The Highlife EP 7
Mgba Enwude Akpulu
Mike Ejeagha
Nke Onye Adi Ayanjo
Nwa Bu Onyinye Chukwu
Nwa Bu Onyinye Chukwu {Obianuju}{Children are gift from God}
Nzoji Nku
Obiako Nnwan Omenani No 2
Ome Ka Agu Omenani No 1
Omeka Agu
Omenani Special
Onye Lua Nya Lia
Onye Mkpesa
Onye Ndidi N'eli Azu Ukpoo
Onye New Ona Ebe Onye, Enwero Ona Ebe
Onye Ori Utaba
Suzzana Merringue
Udo Ka Nma
Uwa Ngbede Ka Mma
Welu Nwaya Sobe Ihe Uwa a {Yayampe}
Welu Nwaya Sobe Ihe Uwa.A
When Cock Crows



holding on to



  dress; adornment





 bụ ejima

 be twins


 nwa ejima

 a twin


 ụmụ ejima



 Mmadụ a naabọ bụ ejima

 These two persons are twins

ejim aka n'ubochi gi n'aga nke oma


I hope your day is going well



  see ọjọ






  broken pot; potsherd


 ejụ isị

 top of skull

 ejụna, njụna, njina


  edible snail { kọso, nsam}


 nkekele ejụna




a name of one of the four Igbo market days; creation



  Royal Python {Python regius}, the smaller species of python, more common, lives in compounds and is freely handled, sacred in most parts of Igboland


 eke mmili

 water python


 eke na ogwụlụgwụ



 eke ukwu, eke ọgba

 the larger python; African or Rock Python; {Python Sebae}



  a divinity; eke good luck, fortune

 eke, ekọ




 eke ọkụkọ

  fowl gizzard



  a day in the Igbo four-day week market {Orie, Afor, Nkwo, Eke}, following Nkwọ, personified as an alusị



 female name {for child born on Eke}


 Nweeke, Ọkeeke, Ekeemezie

 male names {for someone born on eke market day}



eke market (Igbo speaking east main market)

ekelere m gi maka Keresimesi na ubochi izizi afo ozo


Merry Christmas



  thanks; salutation; greeting; gratitude


 Ekene dịlị Chukwu

 Thanks be to God



  adornment of the body; tie; belt; girdle

 ekike ile


  string of the tongue


 ife ekike

 finery; adornment


 ke ekike

 dress; adorn






  blacksmith's bellows


 fụ ekọ

 pump bellows; blow bellows



  see eke

 ekọ mmịlị


  plant with large leaves, used for shelter or to wrap fish {Anchomanes difformis and Cyrtosperma senegalense} {Scott}



  spoon; ladle {ṅgaji}



a secret cult (iri ekpe -to inherit a dead person's property)





 ke ekpe

 make a will


 lite ekpe




  earthwork constructed on the outskirts of a village for defence purposes, or on farm to mark boundary or check erosion


 ti ekpe

 make low mud wall, usually on farm, to mark boundary and/or check erosion



  left {hand}


 aka ekpe

 left hand


 ife dị n'aka ekpe

 something on the left


 anya aka ekpe

 the left eye





 ekpe afụ

  then; at that time


 ekpe niịne

 always; {at} all times


 ekpe ọbụna

 whenever; {at} any time

 ekpele, ekpelu




 kpe ekpele

 say prayer






  see ekpele

 ekpenta, ekpenta




 onye ekpenta




  see okpete



  {= isi ego} unit of cowrie counting system, consisting of six single cowries {ego} mkpụlụ


 ekpete ili

 ten units of six cowries each {= ọfu ụkwụ}


 ekpete naabọ

 twelve cowries {= ego naabọ)



wearing (a hat)



  wooden slit gong


 su ekwe

 beat the gong



drum (ekwe ekwe - Stubborn)






  string from ana


 akpụlụ ekwe

 unsplit cane



  small uncarved stool



  occiput {also ọkpụ n'ekwe}









  tie-rope; cane; fibre for making fish traps



  the malevolent spirits of those who have died a "bad death" and cannot reincarnate; malevolent non-human spirits; {Christian usage} the devil; a person who causes confusion and havoc



being noisy



  back of head; nape of neck



 back of head; occiput



  envy; jealousy


 gba ekwọlọ

 compete {in bad sense}; be jealous, envious


 kwọ ekwọlọ

 envy; contest enviously









  hearth spirit, the domestic spirit of women, worshipped by head woman of household


 mma ekwu

 small kitchen knife



  talkativeness; loquacity


 onye ekwulekwu

 a talkative


 kwu ekwulekwu

 be loquacious, talkative; tending to talk a great deal;


 oke ekwulekwu

 talkativeness; bragging



  lungfish; mudfish {Protopterus annectens} {= ebị}



Wooden spoon; spooning, shovelling

ekuschenji retu


exchange rate




elekere abuo nabo


two o'clock pm

 elekere ise na ututu anyi e choo mmiri

five o'clock in the morning we go fetch water

 elekere itoolu na ututu

nine o'clock am

 elekere otu nabo

one o'clock pm



 see elụuluu

 elele, elile


  profit; gain


 ba elele

 be useful; profit; benefit


 li elile


 elele, elile


  food prepared with beans {after the chaff is removed, the beans are ground with water into pulp, then wrapped in leaves in convenient bits with normal food ingredients added, then boiled till done}


 elele ịko

  elele boiled in tins {e.g. milk tins} instead of being wrapped in leaves



  fish-fry; small sprat-like fish caught when Niger rises



  rope {general term}; string to tie yams; shoe lace {ụdọ, ekwe, abụ} see elele and elili


 elili afọ



 elili ọfịa

 snake {euphemism}


 gba elili

 wear strings round ankles


 kwụ elili

 commit suicide by hanging



  see elụlụ



counsel; swallowing





 elo mmụọ

 poisonous mushroom sp. {spirits' mushroom} {see also mmụọ}


 pu elo

 grow fungus; live for ever



  Standard-wing Nightjar {Macrodipteryx longipennis} is a bird in the nightjar family.

 elu elu


  North {borrowed from Central Igbo}; very far away






high; heights

 elu ugwu


 elulu-ngwo; akpa elulu; akpa ngwo; erughulu ukwu ngwo

 Larvae raffia palm known in igbo language as Elulu ngwo or Akpa elule or Erughulu ukwu ngwo

See akpa elulu; Larvae raffia palm

 elụlụ, elili, olighili


  electric catfish {Malapterurus electricus} {= ṅdudụ}



  see elụuluu

 elụuluu, elụluu, eleghelu


  black driver ant; soldier ant


 ikeṅga elụluu

 giant ants, with very big heads, seen among smaller ones

e mechalam


I'm finished

e metulum aka!


don't touch me!






  innocence; infallibility {from me do}






deep (imi emt); omimi - mystery






  custom; observance






looking at



  Harnessed Antelope; bushbuck {Tragelaphus scriptus scriptus Pallas}



  swallow {bird}


 eneke nti ọba










high; heights; top (migrant Igbo dialect)



  height; top


 enu anị

 Up town; dry land {as opposed to water}; high land between Asaba and Agbor

 enu igwe

Heaven; Sky
Going to heaven

 enu igwe na uwa

Heaven and Earth

 enu na ani

up and down; {O yi enu na ani - she is wearing an up and down, made of same material}

 enu ntulu

hardtime; misfortune


 enu igwe na ụwa

 heaven and earth


 enu na anị

 up-and-down; blouse and wrapper made of same material


 O yi enu na anị

 She is wearing an up-and-down


 enu ntụlụ

 hardship; misfortune


 enu ọghịgha

  changes in the world


 enu ụnọ



 enu ụwa

 whole world


 buni enu

 lift up; bring up; carry shoulder-high


 gba enu

 be shallow


 kọni enu

 hang up


 mani enu

 jump up



 above; upon


 nọ n'enu mmili

 be in trouble, difficulty


 se n'enu

 float; be ignorant of what is happening


 ụgbọ enu



 ụkwụ enu

 by land; overland


 weni enu

 raise up


 weni aka enu

 raise hand


 wenita enu

 lift up; take up


 wụnị enu

 jump up






  monkey; useless person


 enwe ọfịa

 wild monkey

e nweghim I ke golu ya


I can't afford it





 ajị enyi

 severe dysmenorrhoea {see ajị}


 ọdụ enyi

 elephant's tusk



  friend {less common than ọyị}


 enyi nwaayị

  girl-friend; woman friend

 enyọ, enyinyọ


  mirror; glass {= ụgọgbe}


 enyọ anya

 pair of spectacles



  power of transforming oneself into an animal






  red coral; coral bead

eruru ngwo;
akpa nkwu;
akpa agbugbo;
egu ngwo;
akpa ngwo

 Raffia palm wine Eruru Ngwo - Edible Weevil Larvae

Rhynchophorus phoenicis {Raffia palm wine (Ngwo) Edible Weevil Larvae}{A pupa in a palm wine tree}



  see ase



  quarrel; dispute; bickering {se draw, pull}



  gum from tree



  {alịlị} millipede

 esuso, etuto


  blister; boil


 so esuso

 form boil abscess



  contribution to revolving benefit fund, to which each member contributes regularly and from which members profit in turn



  rope for climbing trees



  used in


 eteke uvịe

 fish {Hemichromis bimaculatus} {ikpoọkpọ}



  woven shield used in war by the Ada people



  middle; centre


 etiti naabọ

  the middle, centre


 etitị uchichi, etitị abani




 amidst; in the middle


 n'etiti mụ na gị

 between you and me





how to; method





 etu a

 thus; in this manner


 etu afụ

  so; in that manner


 etu ọ di nọọfụ

 as it is so






  used in


 kpọ etụketụ




  long bamboo used to propel a canoe



  dust in the air



 see esuso



  snakehead fish {Channa obscura}



wearing (a dress); notto resemble



carrying (I ga evu - You will carry; will you carry?)









 see eyị



oh no!

 ewo!, ewo!


  exclamation of surprise



  exclamation of sympathy or pity



goat{ reigning} in vogue

 anu ewu

goat {goat meat}



  goat; {applied to person} fool; {Igbo provide says... Onye bu igwu ka ewu na-eso; Onye ji igwu ka ewu na-eso; - which means "He that has the palm fronds is he that the goat follows." Loos meaning of "More money, more friends"}


 anụ ewu



 Ewu ka ọbụ

  He is a fool



  {goat-never-touches, fowl-never-pecks} a poisonous plant


 nwa ewu

 young goat; kid



  fame; report; rumour



  exclamation of regret, sympathy

 eyị, ewị


  Giant or Pouched Rat {Cricetomys gambianus Waterhouse; Yoruba ọkete}



  teeth; tooth;

 eze m di ocha

my teeth is clean


 eze nkwo

 loss of tooth, teeth


 aka eze



 gado eze

 grip {but not bite into} with teeth


 ikili eze

 part of jaw near molar


 kpopụ eze

 extract a tooth


 kwo eze

 take out, extract teeth; lose tooth, teeth


 tachapụ eze

 grin; smile; laugh


 ta ikekele eze

 grind teeth


 wa eze

 file teeth



  king; chief:


 Igbo enwe eze

 The Igbo have no kings


 eze alusị

 priest {of a particular spirit that has a shrine and an organized cult}


 eze amoosu

  chief of wizards


 eze anị

  life-size image of carved wood


 eze kachasị akasị

 God in heaven


 eze mmụọ

  king of underworld


 eze nwaayi



 ada eze



 anị eze



 chi eze

 become, be installed chief or king


 Ndụbeeze, Ndụbeze

 male name {life is king or life is most important}


 oche eze



 ọkpu eze



 zọ eze

 contest for chieftancy title; the best or chief of its kind


 eze anụmanụ

  king of the beasts, the elephant


 eze azụ

  king of the fish {Gymnarchus niloticus}


 eze nnụnụ

  king of the birds, the eagle



  goodness; truth; kindness


 n'ezie {shortened from n'ezi okwu} truly



 N'ezie onye orị ka ọ bụ

 Truly he is a rogue


 ezi ndụ



 ezi okenye

 aged person


 ezi okwu



 kwu ezi okwu

 speak the truth


 ezi ọmụme

 good deeds; righteousness


 ezi udo

 perfect peace


 n'ezi okwu

 really; in reality; indeed; truly



pork; Outside; good



  pig; domestic pig; dirty person


 ezi ọfịa

 bushpig; Red River Hog {Choeropotamus porcus porcus}


 anụ ezi



 ọkwụlụ ezi

 pawpaw; papaya

 ezi, ezi


  outside or precincts of a house


 ezi ama

 space in front of the compound outside the compound wall and beginning from the main gate; street


 ezi ịba

 court of a native house


 ezi ịlo

 precincts of a house


 ezi na ụnọ

  household headed by one man


 nwe ezi na ụnọ

  become a householder


 bọ ezi

 clear a path, road, of weeds


 mbala ezi

 compound inside walls {contrast ilo}


 ọkpụ ezi ụzọ

  middle of path or road; main road; permanent path


 ụzọ ezi ama

 main entrance to a compound









  good; true; kind


 Ọ bụ ezigbo mmadụ

 He is a good person

ezi okwu bu ndu


truth is life

ezigbo ehihie


greeting: good afternoon


ezigbo ehihie

reply: good afternoon

 ezigbo mgbede

reply: good evening



 stealing; being complete







Igbo Dotted Vowel Codes

Vowel ALT Code
  Ị ALT+7882  or   Ị
Capital I dot
  ị ALT+7883  or   ị
Lower I Dot
  Ọ ALT+7884  or   Ọ
Caiptal O Dot
  ọ ALT+7885 or   ọ
Lower O Dot
  Ụ ALT+7908  or   Ụ
Capital U Dot
  ụ ALT+7909  or   ụ
Lower U Dot
  Ṅ ALT+7748  or   Ṅ
Upper N Dot
  ṅ ALT+7749  or   ṅ
Lower N Dot

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