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Continuous Meaning











colour attribute, emit



  be light or reddish-coloured (as opposed to being dark)


 cha anyali?

 be an albino


 cha edo edo

 be yellow in colour



 turn pale



 be light in colour; change colour; fade; be bloodless (of person)


 chaghali anya

 change expression, colour of eyes {through sorrow, anger, surprise, etc.}


 chagha iru

 change colour, expression (chaghali anya)


 cha isi awo?

 turn grey (of black hair turning grey)


 cha mmanu mmanu

 be reddish orange (as oil)


 cha ntu ntu

 be ash-grey in colour


 cha obala obala

 be red, blood-red


 cha ocha

 be fair in complexion


 cha ufie ufie

 be red


 di ocha

 be fair in complexion; be white, clean



 white; light-coloured



 whiteness; light colour be(come) ripe, as shown by change of colour {of fruit, e.g. orange, banana; contrast -ka, ripen or mature by getting hard, as maize}


 o na-acha acha

  It is ripening (and changing colour)



 be fully ripe


 chalo achalo

 be fully ripe



 be over-ripe


 ose ocha

 ripe (red) pepper



 wash, scrub {hand, foot, hard object}; clean off; be clean, pure



 washing; scrubing



 clean (stronger than)



 wash into


 chagbu onya

  heal a sore by washing



 wash off


 wucha {aru}

 wash, wash clean, cleanse {body}


 wuchapu {aru}

 wash {the body} thoroughly



 wash thoroughly



 shine {as sun}; glisten; glitter; blaze; beat down {as sun}; scorch {of sun, fire, hot iron, etc.} {mu, but stronger}



 scorching; beating {of sun}


 Anwu chalu

 The sun shone





 Anwu chachili m anya

  The sun dazzled me



  cause to wither {by heat}; scorch



 flare up; blaze; force away by heat





 cha oku

 be red-hot {of metal iron}



 open up; reveal


 chalapu anya

 open eyes wide; stare at; look sternly at


 chalu aba

 lie flat on the back


 cha n'anwu

 be apparent, obvious, conspicuous



  partial {doing of action}; act {on relatively small object or small part of object}:


 Tachalu nwantinti

 Bite off a little bit


 Tichalu ya

 Slap him gently


 I na-etichalu m abu m oyi gi?

 Are you taking liberties with me by slapping me?


 Nachalu ya akwukwo

 Snatch the book from her


 Biko fuchapu m ife daba m n'anya

 Please help me by blowing something out from my eye






 surpass entirely { kasi - surpass}



 hear well {nu - hear}



 pour all into { runye - pour into}



 give place; give way


 chalu n'uzo

 let one pass, give way to


 cha n'uso

 go aside; give way



  cut {slang}


 gbube, be

 more commonly used


 cha akwa

 cut cloth {e.g. into yards}


 cha akwukwo

 cut paper


 cha elili

 cut rope

chaleku/ Ichekpu/ nchi-chi/ mbacheleku

 Black Velvet Tamarind Chaleku

Black Velvet tamarind

 icheku oyịbo

indian Tamarind {chacoal made from it}




cham uzo





 wait; watch for; watch over, protect, guard, shelter {in good sense}; lie in wait for, ambush {in bad sense}



 waiting; preserving; protecting


 chebe, -chelu

 guard; keep; preserve


 chebe nt

 i listen



 protect; shelter



 defence; protection; sheltering


 chedo mmili

  hold water


 che iru

 be opposite



 wait a long time



 look after; take care of


 chekwa iwe

 bear malice



 save {money}



 saving{s} {of money, etc}


 che nche

 keep watch; watch; keep vigil


 O na-eche nche

 He keeps watch {over something}; He keeps vigil


 A ga-eche ya nche

 It will be watched


 che ndo

 act as regent; administer during interregnum {give shade}


 che nti




 wait a long time


 ndi nche atulu



 oche anwu

 umbrella; sunshade


 oche ndo

 anything giving shade {giver of shade}



 male name {all at watch}



 present; offer


 che iru




 face {of a person}



 facing; opposing


 nchel?ta iru

 opposite; facing


 che n'iru

 present; place before


 che oji

 give kola


 oche ogu

 praying mantis {lit. the one offering fight}



 think; ponder; meditate



 thinking; pondering; meditating


 che echiche

 think; think deeply on an abstract problem; ponder; meditate






 worry; care; be anxious



 reconsider; repent






 worry greatly; wear out oneself with thinking



 anxiety; care; worry






 trust; confidence; trustworthiness; faithfulness






 memorial; remembrance


 abu ncheta

 memorial song


 ife ncheta



 che uche

 think; wonder; doubt; be perplexed







cheki turavulas


travelers check



  Black Velvet tamarind {see chaleku}






  animate, purposeful essence; procreative life force; {specifically} life-force or spiritual essence of an individual, which with he has made a pre-birth contract that determines his life-pattern


 Chukwu kelu gi, kee chi nwe i

 God created you and created your personal chi


 ofu nne na-amu, ma ofu chi adi eji

 The same mother, yes; but not the same chi


 Chi m, ekwenaa!

 My chi, don't let it happen {exclamation when danger threatens}


 Di nwaanyi bu chi ya

 A woman's husband is her personal chi {i.e. directs her life}. A good chi is responsible for one's success, and a bad chi for one's failure


 Aka mm gi ka chi gi

 I am greater than you and your chi


 Abu m onye ajo chi

 I am a man of a bad chi


 ego chi

 money ritually received for one's chi


 ewu chi

 a goat given to one's mother for her personal chi, which must never be killed


 Ewu chi nwaanyi bu ofu uzo nnwa

 A woman's chi-goat is as sacred as a child


 ofu chi

  having the same character or behaviour {of two people}


 ogbu chi

 fig-tree planted near dwelling to represent one's chi; {specifically and more particularly} life-essence of the universe; God


 Chi oma

 God the Good


 ma Chi kwe

  if God allows. Usually qualified as Chukwu {i.e. Chi Ukwu, Great God, see separate entry} or Chineke {i.e. Chi na-eke - God who creates}



 day {i.e. day time}


 chi aboo

 day breaks


 chi anaa

 It is evening; the day declines


 chi efoo

 day breaks


 chi ejimie

 It is late evening, night


 chi ejiri

 The day declines


 chi ekufoo

 It is getting light {of day}


 chi emie

 It is late evening or night


 chi erulu

 It is afternoon; the day draws in; the evening comes on {idiomatic}


 chi jirili

 Darkness {night} is coming on


 Chi jirili n'obodo taata

 Someone very important died in town today


 chi ofifo, ofufo

 period after daybreak as light grows stronger; daybreak


 bilibili chi



 I sago chi?

 Good morning


 fo chi

 last till dawn; last till the following morning


 Ka chi foo

 Good night



 dawn; dayspring; next day



 make {king, minister}; crown {cf. -ch?}; take title


 chi echi{chi}

 take or bestow a title


 chi eze

 become, be installed Chief or King


 Ka anyi je ebe a na-echi eze

 Let us go to the place where a Chief is being installed


 chi mmuo

 take a title of a god


 chi ozo

 take a title take ozo title {take honour}



 become fully qualified; take the highest {hierachical} title


 Uko Chukwu nke a echizugo

 This priest has become full qualified {i.e. is now a full priest}



 show; present


 Biko chi oku

 Please show the light; put drink to someone's lips





 chi anya

 be well-woven, tight


 chi nti

  be deaf, obstinate, disobedient






 report; make report of


 chi ikpe

 complain; make complaint



  tap {palm wine}; cup; d


 chi ochi

 cup; draw blood



 cupping, drawing blood with horn or horn-shaped calabash from any part of the body to relieve congestion, swelling, pain, etc.



 in place of



 take wife of dead relative



 put in place of



 rub forcefully; scrub





 chi akwa

 scrub cloth



 wipe off; rule off


 chichapu anya

 stare; glare


 chichapu obi

 be broadminded; clear the mind of prejudice


 chifia aru

 abrase the skin


 chitulu aru

 muzzle; rub against the body {of animals}





 chi azu

 return; turn back


 chigha azu




 turn round and round; be undecided:


 Ndi agha ayi; chighalu azu

 Our troops retreated



 start on a journey





 chi joobu

 cheat; unlawfully use part of another's time in attending to one's needs {e.g. as a clerk who secretly fills in football coupons in the office}; do petty job as a sideline



 bedbug {Yoruba idun}



 chinchin; i.e. a type of small biscuit, fried hard in small pieces



  carry, take {many things}



 taking, carrying {many things}


 afo och?chi



 chi aka ji

 gather in yam tendrils



 bring near


 chighali uche

 consider; ponder; meditate; put one's mind to


 chi inyeme

 marry a plurality of wives



 gather together



 take the whole number for oneself



 gather and give entirely; gather together and bring a whole number



 take to oneself



 lift up {several things}


 chini aka

 lift up hands; take off the hands; desist from


 chinita aka

 hold up the hands


 chi okwe

 divine with beads, nuts; pay divine homage to okwe; hence village name {Isi okwe}


 chi omu

 have a strong current {of river}



 take away {several things}



 bring {several things}; lead; be the leader {e.g. of a group}


 chi umu

 look after children or young of animals; rule; govern; reign; direct



 rule; government; ruling


 ọchichi Naijiria

 the Government of Nigeria


 chị {achi}

 rule; govern



 cease reigning, ruling





 ochi agha

 military officer; commanding officer; military leader; male name


 ndi na-achi achi

 the rulers; members of the government



 be slippery


 chị achị

 be slippery:


 Ebe a na-achị achị

 This place is slippery



 grunt; make sound with effort



 grunt; sound made with effort



 akwa hard sobbing


 ọchịchị ṅsị

 defecation with grunts:


 Onye ọya afụ na-achị ṅsị

 The sick man is defecating with grunts


 chị {achị}

 cry, chirp {as a cricket}


 chị akwa

 cry very much; sob {harder than - kwa akwa}


 chị ọchị

 laugh hard or uproariously {no vowel suffix; less common than - mụ amụ}

 chịm`, chim`




 chịmchịm`, chịmchịm

 strong; upright; firm:


 Ndi agha anyị nọ chịmchịm` n'obodo afụ

 Our troops remain in firm control of the city


 dị chịm`

 be firm


 Oche ṅke a dị chịm`

 This chair is very firm


 kwụ chịm`

 be firm; stand firm; be firmly established or secure in a place {of person}



a Bongo Igbo musician from Owerri born Chimuanya Okere (Ayakata Bongo - a wonderful inspirational song)

chineke e kwele ihe ojo


God will not allow a bad thing

chineke; chukwu


Other Names of God include:-
Adonai <-> Lord, Master
El Elyon <-> The Most High God
El Olam <-> The Everlasting God
El Shaddai <-> Lord God Almighty
Elohim <-> God
Jehovah Jireh <-> The Lord Will Provide
Jehovah Mekoddishkem <-> The Lord Who Sanctifies You
Jehovah Nissi <-> The Lord My Banner
Jehovah Rapha <-> The Lord that Heals
Jehovah Sabaoth <-> The Lord of Hosts
Jehovah Shalom <-> The Lord is Peace
Jehovah Shammah <-> The Lord is There
Jehovah Tsidkenu <-> The Lord Our Righteousness
Jehovah-Raah <-> The Lord My Shepherd
Qanna <-> Jealous
Yahweh <-> Lord,Jehovah

 Chiwetalu Agu

 Chiwetalu Agu

Nollywood super star chiwetalu agu - Here is his Funny Exclamations:
Agu igbogbo
Akpi agba ndi committee
Akwa mu iko na nro
Akwaa m iko n'ulo
Amaye m aka na ike nsi (hahaha) Amu ewu
Aneke achime
Apata okpa
Ara agba mmanwu Izuogu
Ara nato ka nnu
Ara nwanyi Asaba
Asikpa aka
Atakama nli ewe
Atakata agbooo
Azu ikpokpo
Carrika papaya
Ekwensu enwee phone number
Ekwensu ne romance mamiwata
Enu na ajaka
Eseke udu ese akwara
Ethelobuwa Etheloseh
Etito eto ukochukwu n'ike
Eto nwa awo
Etuto amaa abuba
Higiridi pigiridi
Igba nri na ofe
Igbagwu oka
igbanni na ofe
Igbanri na ohee
Igwe anwuo ara gbalu mmili
Igwe ejee nga
Ike gwulu
Imagine de conconbility
Imagine the konkobility
Ina akwa aja
Jah Jehova Armageddon
Jah ju jah Johovah
Kotoma oterentu
Mmili ama efi na anya
Mmiri ama efi n'anya
Nkata ekpughe ike
Nmiri ama ehi na anya ocha
Nnem njaa
Nnunu anyuo nsi n'altar
Nshi ato n'ike
Nsi apuo okuko n'ike
Nyanyam npum
Odi ogbolugbos
Ojooo ka uzo obosi
Okwy that one so kwa
Omena jaghi jaghi
Onimunpoto Igbalusi
Oporovious Igwe eje nga
Otele nvena
Pigridim pigridim
Tel ugba ki telu ose
Toto man to
Udelu abo ncha
Ukwu nwanyi Owerre
Ume na aja ajaa
Uncle Iga Amanye aka n'ike nsi
Uze n, eke uze
Welu isi m tinye n ike nwanyi








want; intend to



God; the Great Creator of all things




clubu soda


club soda



  display articles for sale {also - chobe}



  want; desire; seek; need:


 Ụgbọ m chọlụ ndokwa

  My car needs repairs



 seeking; desire; wish


 oke ọchịchọ

 excessive desire; greed





 chọ ego

 seek for money {by any means}:


 Ọ na-achọ ego ri nne

 He tries to make money by hook or by crook



 search more than necessary


 chọ mma

 decorate; ornament


 chọ okwu

 provoke, seek a quarrel


 chọpụta, chọọta

 search out; find; discover



 seek everywhere





 chọ udo

 seek for peace


 chọ ụla

 go and sleep with friend or relative; be in season, on heat {of animals}


 Ewu Ndụ achọgo; a ga-akpụgalụ ya mkpi Ndụ's

  When a goat is on heat; it will be taken to a he-goat



  be dull, half-done; fade; tarnish


 chu echu

 be dull, half-done {of colour of half-cooked food}; fall short of expected standard {esp. in colour}; be dull, morose, half-baked {of person}; be degrading {of action}


 chu ichuchu

 be unripe


 chu ụla

 be wakeful, sleepless



 fade; tarnish:


 iyeli a echurugo

 The earring has tarnished {stronger than echugo}



 be greedy, lazy; gorge



  fetch {of water}



 go away to fetch


 chu iyi

 go to a spring or stream to draw water


 chu mmili

 go to fetch water




 chu uchu


 persevere; be industrious

 Chukwu, Chuku


 God {chi + ukwu}. In Nri belief, Chukwu has four major manifestations: Anyanwụ - the sun, which represents Chukwu as everywhere present, all-powerful, and the source of knowledge; Agbala, manifested in the fertility of the earth and its creatures; Chi, the ability of living beings to procreate; okike, the never-ending process of creation


 Chukwu Abịama

 God the Provider


 Chukwu emeka

 God has done well; {one of the most popular male name in Igbo land}


 Chukwu okike

 God the creator


 Ikee Chukwu; Ike Chukwu

 the power of God; male name


 Ụkọ Chukwu

 {Christian usage} minister; pastor; deacon; priest



 drive; pursue



 driving; pursuing


 chụ ala



 chụ anụ

 chase animals


 chụchigha c

 hase, drive back



 drive down



 drive up


 chụkọ nta

 hunt together



 drive far away



 drive home



 stir up {birds, etc.}


 chụ nta

 hunt; go hunting


 chụ ọsọ

 drive; pursue



 drive away, out





 Ṅke a chụsasịlị egwu na-atụ m

 This dispels my fears



  as to give {offer}


 chụ aja

 offer joyless sacrifice to evil spirits {sometimes connected with... the sacrifice is to drive out the spirits}


 chụ ajụ

 be, feel giddy










Igbo Dotted Vowel Codes

Vowel ALT Code
  Ị ALT+7882  or   &#7882;
Capital I dot
  ị ALT+7883  or   &#7883;
Lower I Dot
  Ọ ALT+7884  or   &#7884;
Caiptal O Dot
  ọ ALT+7885 or   &#7885;
Lower O Dot
  Ụ ALT+7908  or   &#7908;
Capital U Dot
  ụ ALT+7909  or   &#7909;
Lower U Dot
  Ṅ ALT+7748  or   &#7748;
Upper N Dot
  ṅ ALT+7749  or   &#7749;
Lower N Dot

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